EcoEuroMillions 1.55

Optimize play on the European Lottery

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EcoEuroMillions is a ticket generator for the European lottery that allows you to save, modify and add special notes to tickets. It includes a range of useful and practical systems which can be put to practise when generating your ticket.

Among its characteristics you can find aspects such as the random selection of numbers, ticket cleaning, keep and recover bets, more than a hundred exclusive systems, result comparison tool, lists of bets, etc.

Other Features:

  • 150 internal wheeling systems (8 in the shareware version)
  • Random generator
  • Direct printing on tickets: FRANCE EuroMillion , Spain Euromillones , UK Euromillions , Swiss Euromillions , Portugal , Belgium, Autria , Portugal ...,
  • 4 styles of ticket presentation on screen (for France, Uk , Spain, Swiss)
  • Save and Load function
  • 'Compare with the results function' that permits to show rapidly (after to know the results) how goods numbers are present on each ticket played.
  • The software permits to use wheels on external text files, this function permits to access to an unlimited numbers of wheels.

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EcoEuroMillions 1.55

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